various kickstart resources


The RedHat customization guide includes a chapter on Kickstart .


Hands-Off Fedora Installs with Kickstart

Covers Kickstart basics, such as how to prepare your environment and what's required on the server.

Advanced Linux Installations and Upgrades with Kickstart

A more in-depth look at customizing the Kickstart process, plus some notes on using Kickstart to upgrade your machines.

Pre-Patched Kickstart Installs

Describes how to fold updated RPMs into the Kickstart tree, such that new machines are built with the updates pre-applied, and how to use this same tree as a yum repository. Concludes with an example of how to fold all of this into a change control process, such that machines can safely update via scheduled jobs.

This is the article that hints at novi, which is (finally) available from this very website.

How to update Fedora Core 3 Distribution CDs
(Gene Czarcinski, FedoraNews)

Explains how to create your own Fedora CDs.


Official List of Mirror Sites from which to download Fedora.